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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Monday, September 03, 2012

IPHONE 5 Rumors - New Headphones?

So far no exact release date is given regarding the IPHONE 5 Launch. But slowly new details of features are emerging.   The latest news leak is regarding the new style Headphones.

A large Vietamese website Tinhte that focuses on latest technology news has uploaded some of the latest images of the earphones.  These earphones are apparently more comfortable styled design for the users according to Mobile88.

Manned Mission to Mars about to become a reality

Are you ready to take a trip down to Mars?  Want to take some snapshots of the Red planet? Well according to Mashable this might happen sooner than you think

A Dutch company that aims to land humans on Mars in 2023 as the vanguard of a permanent Red Planet colony has received its first funding from sponsors, officials announced this week.
Mars One plans to fund most of its ambitious activities via a global reality-TV media event, which will follow the mission from the selection of astronauts through their first years on the Red Planet. But the sponsorship money is important, helping the company — which had been self-funded for the last 18 months — get to that point, officials said Wednesday (Aug. 29).
Read the rest of the article here 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Eddie Murphy died has the internet buzzing around

Latest internet news has said that Eddie Murphy died.  I am pleased to find out that it is totally false.  He was recently spotted with girlfriend Rocsi Diaz.

I think the rumor started that he died in a skiing accident was started online from this website

Twitter and all the other social media sites were on fire reporting this news

College Football Scores What happened and why you must check this out

Are you ready for some football!!!  Well the NFL is not ready to open but you can be happy that College football has begun.

Lots of good ball games happened last night.  Twitter is on fire right now with whats happening.

Check out what ESPN if you want to get the latest College Football Scores

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nexus One, The Google Phone, Captured In The Wild (Pictures)

Apparently, Googlers aren’t supposed to be tweeting the details of the Google Phone, but they have no problem tweeting about how awesome it is. And they also apparently have no problem showing it off. And not surprisingly, pictures of the device are starting to hit the web. Without further ado, this is it.

Cory O’Brien, a San Francisco-based blogger, got his hands on one tonight and tweeted out that picture. He also notes that, “Google Phone = iPhone + a little extra screen and a scroll wheel. Great touch screen, and Android.

As you can see, the Google Phone, which is apparently being called the “Nexus One” (for more on that, see here), does look exactly like the HTC Passion, which everyone was including in their posts earlier. You’ll also notice that there’s a key difference: It’s not HTC-branded at all.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Build a Fort Kit Share your memories with your kids

I remember building a fort by putting two chairs close together and drapping them over with a blanket. Before videos games were ever invented we to play and build things with some imagination. Those were the good ole days back when you have to be very creative in your play.

Well good thing i found this Build a Fort Camouflage Play Kit Toy or Be Amazing 2100 Build a Fort Kit

Robert Bob Novak better known as the Prince of Darkness is Dead.

Journalist Robert Bob Novak lost his battle with brain cancer and died today. It was anounced this morning and many of his colleagues are very sad. He was very well liked and respected on CNN, even though he was leaning conservative. Robert Novak was no Walter Cronkite but his death today will have gain a lot attention. Bob Novak's has had a lot of influence in today's investigative journalism

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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